“…being an only child it has helped her learn to be a team player, and make friends.”

“…it has given the, confidence to speak in front of others, and improved time management.”

“He has found his happy place, he feels important and has overcome his shyness, ACT makes him feel like a part of something big.”

“Gives her a sense of accomplishment!”

“…their counselor has said they smile a lot more.”

“…she is able to try on big emotions and feelings that in real life, would be scary, but on stage are fun.”

“…she has gained confidence, and discovered a love for acting and singing and making wonderful friends.”

“…created a wonderful community of like minded young people for my son.”

“…learning the techniques of acting and how she can be goofy and serious when need be, has been great. Being involved in ACT is all she wants to do now. That makes my heart warm. We are so thankful that this program is available.”